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I am going to be brave now (as the Naked Novelist almost always is) and own up to the fact that I take breaks from writing my fiction, put my clothes on, shut the curtains, turn the volume up high and listen to some of the most embarrassing vinyl tracks around.

Save this page to favourites and use the Naked Novelist's guilty pleasure songs to take breaks to when you're next writing - if enough of us do it, we will create a certain oneness, unifying writers the world over as they create fiction inspired by Neil Sedaka??!! Oh yes...
Betcha by gollywow
The Stylistics
Great for if you have a soppy love scene to get back to writing.
Dancing Queen
Amazing for launch party fantasising. Sod it, why not?!
Don't Turn Around

Anyone who likes reggae will find this extremely uncool. And yes, I do love Bob Marley, but something about this number gets me everytime. It's like the reggae male version of Gloria Gaynor's 'I will survive' - and no, that's not on my list of guilty song pleasures. Even I have some standards.
We've only just begun
The Carpenters
Another great launch party fantasty song. And I know that everyone now agrees that Karen Carpenter had one of the greatest, sweetest most effortless voices of all time, but she did wear terrible dresses.
Daydream Believe
The Monkees

If you haven't been sick, yet, this guilty pleasure song might do the trick. Unless you turn it up really loud and intoxicate yourself with the euphoria factor (try it!)
The Whole Town's Laughing At Me
Teddy Pendergrass:
Let them laugh! With Teddy's tender voice ringing in your ears you won't hear them.
Coming to America 
Neil Diamond

I don't care what anyone says, this is powerful! Come on Neil, show 'em what you've got!
Barbra Streisand

Barbra is definitely not guilty song material - she is cool, but not the way I do her. We're talking fake microphone in hand, curly hair up with a few stray ringlets and my very own Kris Kristofferson blow-up doll (okay that last bit was a lie, but it might come to that).
Laughter in the Rain
Neil Sedaka

Okay, this is bad, really bad. Pity me, but remember, it is this sickly sweet nostalgic song which inspires some of my harshest fiction about life, death and sex.
So Far Away
Carol King

Give me a break, I could have chosen, 'You've got a friend' and I didn't. And I've chosen this cool version of 'So Far Away' with James Taylor playing guitar. Oh, lord, I am such a hippy!

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